Diagnostic Centre Automation

Transforming business Through
Integrated Information Sytems

Diagnostic Centre Automation

Security Features

  • Reminders for password change
    • Auto-expiry of passwords
    • Encrypted user password
  • User – password security
  • User-Branch Security
    • Branch wise user wise allocation
    • Mac-address restrictions
  • Company security
    • Company wise password security
    • Password expiry
  • Terminal locking/restriction features
  • Invoicing option
    • With all required security features
      • Service master rates shall be entered at the head office and  users in the branch will be restricted to modify the rates.
    • Discount provision to be provided in the service bill
      • Discount can be entered by providing a care-off name and the reason for discount.
    • Option to set division wise discount limit.
    • Provision for privilege cards
    • Results linked with invoice
  • Receipt & Payment
    • With all security features.
  • Rate Master
    • Give option to enter minimum amount below which the bill should not be generated.  This can be defined either in percentage of as a lump sum amount
  • Option to log the result delivery date, time, handed over by
  • Options for Credit customers


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